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Tasting an unparalleled view

Blessed with the sunlight to pour and a fresh wind,
space of peacefulness and relaxation.
Spreading under your view is the clear sea and beautiful green islands.
And the view chosen as the Japanese night view estate, and
the light of the Sasebo city area are beautiful at night.
In the inside of the blessed location,
please enjoy the new relaxation.


You can indulge yourself with time passing slowly and space.

With the time flowing gently and the grand scene which spreads outside the window, the heart is released. The night view of the Sasebo city area to the port chosen as the Japan night view estate from the night view side room,
the islands floating on the sea from the Kujyukushima Islands side room, and the beautiful setting sun which goes down towards the sea in autumn to winter can be enjoyed.
Please forget daily hustle and bustle, and relax yourself slowly.


The restaurant which satisfies the five senses,

Smorgasbord-type Restaurant, Irmare,
“Shiosai” Restaurant serving Japanese banquet dishes,
and a cafe bar lounge, North 33°.
While enjoying the scenery at every restaurant,
you can enjoy a meal.